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Cable & Wireless

Director, Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation

Miami, Florida Category: Corporate Sub-Category: People & Communications

Company Values

Our success depends on our people. What connects us, unites us and makes us ‘us’ is the passion and pride we have for creating moments that matter for our customers. So, wherever you choose to start your career at Liberty Latin America, we’re all guided by a shared vision, philosophy and principles that enable us to bring our culture to life. We do it the best and we do it with spirit.

  • Risk taking We’re empowered to take risks for our customers and each other. Making mistakes is OK.
  • Respectful We treat others like we want to be treated. It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.
  • Honest We’re honest with others but, more importantly, we are honest with ourselves.
  • Hardworking We work hard for our customers, colleagues and investors.
  • Disciplined We’re consistent and we measure our performance. Commitments matter to us.

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What I love about our culture is the opportunities we create for our employees to grow their careers with us and the passion we have for growth. I love seeing people stretch and challenge themselves, working outside of their comfort zone and flourishing as a result. Doing great things for their self development, their families, our business and our customers.

Kerry Scott, Chief People Officer

Job Description


As part of the Liberty Latin America group of companies, Cable & Wireless is one of the

leading telecommunications and entertainment providers in the Caribbean and Latin

America. We have operated in the region since the 1870s, always at the forefront of

innovating infrastructure and services –from historic telegraph poles and cables, to

modern day superfast broadband, mobile, landline and video services. Today, our

services are underpinned by over 50,000 kilometers of the most modern subsea and

terrestrial fiber networks in this part of the world. This enables us to offer unparalleled

connectivity - the fastest broadband with the latest video content, secure IT solutions,

plus mobile services packed with data options – all under a blend of iconic consumer,

business and wholesale brands. Together, our commitment is to invest and innovate so

that we empower our customers and stakeholders to succeed in this connected world.

Our team of over 7,000 people is united through our shared values of serving our

customers with passion, striving to be the best, working as one team, and respecting

and trusting one another. So we stand ready to meet and surpass the expectations of

our five million customers across the Caribbean and Latin America.


Cable & Wireless launched the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation in 2017 as part

of its commitment to doing business in a responsible and sustainable way. Today, it's a

powerful platform, helping to enable progress and build more resilient communities

across our region. Since its launch, the Foundation has donated millions of dollars to

help local, regional and international agencies deliver relief and recovery projects across

the Caribbean and Latin America. The immediate focus includes supporting those who

are impacted by natural disasters, providing relief and supporting rebuilding activities,

while the longer-term focus includes leveraging the products, networks and people in

accordance with our mission of to enabling progress and building more resilient

communities.. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public foundation with a Board of Directors

comprised of 6 related and 3 independent directors.

It is our deep, long term commitment to drive much needed funding into markets

requiring relief, to enable rebuilding efforts and the return to the vibrancy that represents

the Caribbean and Latin American culture, as well as in the long term, enable further

development opportunities. Together with our employees, partners and customers we

will continue to make a difference in the markets we're proud to serve. The Cable &

Wireless Charitable Foundation seeks to leverage the products, networks and people at

the behest of Cable & Wireless for the greater good of our communities. The Foundation

is here to apply these assets not only for support and relief in times of need, but also to

strengthen communities and foster resiliency for the future through technology,

education and innovation.

Job purpose:

1. Develop and execute short and long-term Foundation strategies to ensure long

term growth

2. Develop creative and mutually beneficial opportunities that meet the marketing

and fundraising goals of the Foundation whilst aligning with the C&W/LLA brand

3. Define strategy for and oversee execution of fundraising, grant and partnership


4. Define strategy for and execute all external communications pertaining to the

Foundation and work with in-house C&W team on internal communications

5. Align the strategy and goals of the Foundation with the other foundations of the

LLA Group

6. Responsible for the governance of the Foundation and its Board of Directors and

ensuring compliance with the requirements of being a 501(c)(3) US public


Key Accountabilities:


- Lead the development and implementation of the strategic plans of the charity,

engaging with Executive Leadership teams and the Board of Directors to achieve

reach and growth

- Ensure the fundraising strategy delivers long-term growth and resilience through

a balanced income portfolio of public fundraising, corporate partnerships and

philanthropic giving

- Embed a culture of fundraising and volunteering across the C & W organization

- Lead and implement clear strategic objectives with internal departments


- Organizing and preparing for Board meetings

- Develop accountability framework with Board officers and internal stakeholders

- Provide quarterly reports on program activities and impact reports

- Provide quarterly fundraising and budget management reporting with Finance

- Ensuring compliance with 501(c)(3) public charity requirements, including annual


- Collaborate with external auditors to ensure that annual reporting deadlines are



- Establish structure, processes, competencies and systems to ensure Fundraising

activities are equipped to achieve growth

- Provide fundraising leadership across a diversified range of income streams to

achieve long term, sustainable income growth

- Organize fundraising events both externally and internally

- Monitor fundraising activities of C&W competitors in the Caribbean and LATAM



- Ensure compliance with the Grants Management process

- Identify and build strategic partnerships in the region


- Develop and protect the Foundation brand, ensuring brand alignment between

marketing, external and internal communications

- Lead corporate communications to deliver a substantially increased reach for the

charity, including public awareness campaigning and ways to donate/fundraise

- Liaise with major funders and produce regular newsletter to supporters of the

Foundation to share successes and progress

Knowledge, Skills & Experience:


 Master’s Degree

 5 to 10 years of relevant experience with emphasis in strategic leadership.

 Experience in managing and tracking multiple prospects and donors.

 Well-developed strategic thinking skills.

 High level of ambition and drive.

 Ability to interface with a variety of internal and external stakeholders, including

funding agency program officers, employees and suppliers.

 Demonstrated supervisory and leadership skills.

 Excellent written and verbal communications skills.

 Ability to independently execute a variety of responsibilities.


 Passionate about making a meaningful difference to our region!

 Proven capability to lead a not-for-profit organization and a strong understanding

of how successful not-for-profit organizations operate

 Strong understanding of fundraising techniques and strategies

 Process- and detail-oriented; strong project management; proactive.

 Strong team management skills, including managing up and influencing others.

 Ability to build a strong network within a complex geography and matrix

organization, as well as represent the Foundation externally with regional nongovernmental

agencies and charities

 Works with stakeholders on multi-project and multi-outcome proposals, knitting

them together in a unified way.

 Able to lead grant making process with a clear understanding on the

Foundation’s strategy

 Knowledge of program assessment and evaluation and impact methodologies

 Familiarity with the regions a plus

 Fluency in Spanish is helpful but not essential


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